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Common Mistakes Students Do During Exams

common mistakes students do during exams

What makes passing the O level in Pakistan difficult for most students is their tendency to make some crucial mistakes. WiseAcademia, o level in Pakistan, o level academy, o level classes, o level home tutors, o level tutoring

Each year, there are memes and jokes about the mistakes made in exams, and some are quite amusing. Others are silly and avoidable mistakes. At WiseAcademia, because we offer O level classes, and our teachers go over mock exams and practices; we have a list of mistakes students can avoid to pass the exam.

1. Not reading the questions correctly

Yes, writing the exam is a very difficult moment. Students are prone to be nervous. However, to avoid not reading the questions correctly, students should first try to take a couple of minutes to calm down. Try to understand what you need to write and what the question is testing you about. After that, try to recall the O level classes and recall what your WiseAcademia tutor taught you. Then write the answer in a brilliant way to make sure you get full marks.

2. Writing the answer in proper grammar and with clarity

One of the most common reasons for students to perform below average in O level in Pakistan is the language barrier. They need to improve their writing skills and capacity to explain in English. Examiners will mark based on what they read.

3. Not Proofreading their Answer

Most students make the mistake of waiting until they complete the entire exam before proofreading. What they forget or fail to understand is that time may not with them. They may finish close to the end time and not have enough time to go over all their answers. Therefore, at WiseAcademia, during the O level tutoring or when our o level home tutors are helping students practice, we emphasize on their proofreading their work almost instantly.

4. Losing Track of Time

Most students complain that they did not have enough time. That is because, when they do not understand the question and rush into answering it, they often make mistakes. Then they go back to fix it and this means they fall short of time. Try not to spend more than 2-3 minutes per question.

With these tips, passing O level in Pakistan would be easier.

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