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Biology (5090)


3 ½ – 4 Months

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Course Fee

Rs. 30,000/-

Biology O-Level

Studying in our biology O level classes means that candidates get firsthand attention and proper introduction to the subject of Biology. However, Cambridge O Level Biology has more emphasis on human biology; those studying the subject also get to understand how the technical world works.

We live in a modern and advancing world where medical technology is working to improve medical treatments. Therefore, it is important to make sure candidates in our biology O level classes are up to date about the scientific developments happening at a global stage. In addition, our biology O level teachers help improve understanding by mixing both theoretic and practical studies in a creative and simplified manner.

We want to emphasize that Wise Academia is no ordinary biology O level academy where teachers do not pay special attention to each candidate. Our biology O level teachers take a special interest in the performance of every candidate to make sure that he or she passes the Cambridge Biology O Level exam with very good grades. After all, the future of the child depends on it.

We expect students who are attending our biology O level classes to be diligent students. A teacher can do as much as give his or her best in terms of knowledge. The rest depends on how hard the student works on his or her own to pass with excellence. The more students practice the better their result. Therefore, we encourage students to solve as many past papers as possible and ask their biology O level teachers questions to help them learn more.

We are proud and confident that our biology O level teachers are among the best you can find in Lahore. For more information, you can contact us via email.

With an emphasis on human biology, the Cambridge O Level Biology syllabus enables learners to understand the technological world in which they live and take an informed interest in science and scientific developments. Complete preparation of P1 & P2.

Our Schedule

  1. Session Starting from 2nd September
  2. Course Duration: 3 ½ – 4 Months (Sep – Dec)
  3. Classes Schedule: Monday – Thursday (04:00 pm – 04:50 pm)
  4. Enroll before 30 August and get 10% discount on Course Fee.
  5. 5% additional discount on opting for 2 or more subject