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Chemistry (5070)


3 ½ – 4 Months

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Course Fee

Rs. 30,000/-

Chemistry O-Level

For most students, Chemistry is not an easy subject to grasp. This is why, at Wise Academia, we make sure that the teachers taking the chemistry O level classes are friendly and approachable for students who register with us. Students can always discuss their concerns and doubts on the subject with our chemistry O level teachers.

Parents can rest assured that our chemistry O level academy follows the Cambridge O level syllabus very strictly to ensure that students understand how the chemicals interact and what products they form at the end of the reaction.

We help students understand the theoretical aspects and apply their knowledge in practical aspects. Because students who complete the chemistry O level classes will most likely proceed to the A levels classes, we help students develop their skills to help them in the next stage of their academics.

You can contact our administration to get more information about your child’s progress in the chemistry O level academy at any time. At Wise Academia, our goal is to produce students who are qualified to secure an admission in renowned universities across the globe. Therefore, we make sure that they get the very best education possible. Our team of teachers also share this vision and so they work dedicatedly to achieve this goal. No matter where the students are, they can easily study online under the guidance of the best chemistry O level teachers.

Of course, in the end, the willingness of the student to learn matters; therefore, we insist that students need to take the notes in their casual hours and study hard. While we (the chemistry O level teachers at Wise Academia) offer the best, students also owe it to themselves to work hard and study to achieve amazing grades to secure their future.

Students learn about the basic principles of chemistry through lectures, assignments/ Work Sheets. They also develop an understanding of the scientific skills essential for further study at Cambridge International A Level, skills which are useful in everyday life. Complete preparation of P1 & P2.

Our Schedule

Session Starting from 2nd September 
Course Duration: 3 ½ – 4 Months (Sep – Dec)

  1. Classes Schedule: Sir Tanvir Khalid Gill
    1. Monday – Thursday (05:00 pm – 05:50 pm)
  2. Classes Schedule: Sir Zafar Iqbal
    1. Friday & Sat (06:40 pm – 07:50 pm)
    2. Sunday (11:00 am – 12:00 pm) 

Enroll before 30th August and get 10% discount on Course Fee.
 5% additional discount on opting for 2 or more subject