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Islamiyat O-Level

The Cambridge O Level Islamiyah syllabus is quite extensive and requires candidates to pay special attention to the Islamiyah O level classes. Our record of accomplishment says that candidates trained at our institution achieve much better grades than those that do not attend any classes. Our Islamiyah O level teachers take teaching the subject very seriously and pay attention to details, like all other teachers teaching other subjects at Wise Academia.

In order to be famous as a reputable Islamiyah O level academy, we make sure that our teachers follow every detail and new updates in the Cambridge Islamiyah syllabus. Our Islamiyah O level teachers help learners develop a sound understanding of the major beliefs and pillars of Islam. They teach students the important aspects of early history highlighted in the syllabus. They also emphasize the importance of respecting the Islamic teachings of an Islamic community.

To make sure our students appreciate the teachings and apply them in their practices, our teachers use the best practices in Islamiyah O level classes. We teach students to be cordial and educate them on Islamic morals towards people of all ages and beliefs in our community. Once students enroll in our classes, they can always speak to our Islamiyah teachers to get answers to questions they may need.

Although the syllabus is in English, some of the passages and hadith are in Arabic. This is important because it is part of the Islamic teachings and Muslims must be familiar with these Islamic elements.

We encourage our Islamiyah O level teachers to maintain a decorum so that students can idolize them and grow into better people in the future. At Wise Academia, we treat our candidates as the bright future for humanity. Therefore, we ensure that all the teachers handling Islamiyah O level classes maintain discipline and follow the best practices needed.

This syllabus enables learners to develop an understanding of the major beliefs of Islam, and of the early history of the Islamic community. As a result, learners develop their knowledge and understanding of the main elements of Islamic faith and history, evaluating the meaning and importance of these elements in the lives and thoughts of Muslims.

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