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Physics (5054)


3 ½ – 4 Months

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Course Fee

Rs. 30,000/-

Physics O-Level

At Wise Academia, we offer the Physics O level classes following the Cambridge syllabus meticulously. This helps our young learners to understand how the technical world around them works. We ensure that our candidates take an interest in scientific facts and theories to help them develop an interest in Physics. The same applies to our physics o level teachers. We encourage our teachers to stay in touch with the latest updates in the physics syllabus so that we can give our students the best.

In Our Physics O level academy, learners graduate with a strong basic foundation in the subject and with the confidence to mix the theoretical and practical aspects. We help our candidates develop a clear understanding and refine their skills to enable them to study the AS and A level course further.

As our students progress and improve their understanding of how they need to study and practice physics, they become aware of the good and bad effects of scientific research on our environment and global community. At Wise Academia, we believe in encouraging our teachers to make the physics O level classes engaging and interactive to help candidates think out of the box and apply their imagination. This is why, during the physics O level classes; we have quizzes and a series of questions and answers to make students apply what they learn.

In addition, we provide additional support for students and physics O level teachers, so that the candidates can learn and prepare for the Cambridge exams to achieve the best results. We provide the necessary materials and support needed to ensure completion of the syllabus. Students who register for our course also get the added benefit of directly seeking assistance and guidance from our teachers whenever they need additional support.

Learners gain an understanding of the basic principles of physics through lectures, assignments/ Work Sheets. They also develop an understanding of the scientific skills essential for further study at Cambridge International AS and A Level, which are useful in everyday life. Complete preparation of P1 & P2.

Our Schedule

Session Starting from 2nd September
Course Duration: 3 ½ – 4 Months (Sep – Dec)

  1. Classes Schedule:  Sir M. Javed Solehri
    1. Monday – Thursday (07:10 pm – 08:00 pm) 
  2. Classes Schedule: Sir Muhammad Zahid
    1. Friday – Sun (04:10 pm – 05:20 pm) 

Enroll before 30th August and get 10% discount on Course Fee.
5% additional discount on opting for 2 or more subject